Sarah Kim

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Reporter Profile

Sarah Y. Kim reports for WYPR in Baltimore, where she focuses on the city’s housing and health crisis. Kim has spent her senior year at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore as editor-in-chief of The Johns Hopkins News-Letter, one of the oldest student newspapers in the country. It was through The News-Letter that Sarah fell in love with Baltimore and decided to pursue a career in local journalism. After becoming a staff writer in 2017, she served as news editor and opinions editor. Sarah is also a paid freelance researcher for Baltimore magazine and was an editorial intern there in the summer of 2018. Though born in Walnut Creek, California, Sarah grew up in South Korea for over 12 years, where she developed a passion for storytelling. She is an avid writer of fiction and poetry and graduates this spring with a B.A. in creative writing and international studies. Sarah is also an intern at the Baltimore division of international nonprofit Impact Hub, where she continues to expand her growing network of local entrepreneurs, activists and community members. She is excited to continue her career in journalism in Baltimore, the city she calls home.


Beat: Health and housing

The beat approaches the health crisis facing Baltimore in the face of COVID-19. The RFA Reporter’s first step will be familiarizing herself with health leaders in a city that is home to some of the nation’s leading medical institutions and universities. The reporter will learn the best practices of technology available to create compelling radio and digital stories, giving voice to some of those most vulnerable residents in the community, from a safe social distance. The beat also covers city leaders, agencies and those on the front lines of dealing with the health, housing and the economic ramifications of this global pandemic on Baltimore.