Pablo Unzueta

El Tecolote

Reporter Profile

Pablo Unzueta is a first generation Chilean-American photojournalist documenting health equity, the environment, culture and displacement amongst the Latino population in San Francisco for El Tecolote. Coming from a background of photographers and artists in his family, Unzueta picked up his first camera at the age of 17 and taught himself photography by documenting life around the Los Angeles region, including moments in his own journey. His formal career started when he joined CalMatters as a photojournalism intern, producing features, portraiture and breaking news. Unzueta went on to become a full-time freelance photojournalist and a grantee of the Magnum Foundation. You can find Unzueta’s work in The Guardian, CalMatters and High Country News. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Cal State Long Beach.

Beat: Bay Area Latinos (Catchlight photojournalism partnership)

This photojournalist provides quality coverage that complements our dynamic reporting—particularly our recent beat on mental health and healthcare inequality among Latinos. The El Tecolote photojournalist also documents the vibrant cultural landscape of San Francisco's Latino Cultural District and beyond, highlighting intergenerational experiences among the Latinx community.