Nadia Lopez

The Fresno Bee

Reporter Profile

Nadia Lopez covers Latino issues in the San Joaquin Valley for The Fresno Bee. Before
that, she worked as a city hall reporter for San José Spotlight, where she covered
politics, government, the housing crisis and homelessness. Her groundbreaking stories
have led to shifts in local elections and policy changes. She has won several awards,
including two California Journalism Awards in the writing and land-use categories for a
story that involved spending the night on an overnight bus that homeless residents used
as shelter and for covering displacement in the city’s historic East Side. She grew up in
Chula Vista, California, a border town. She received her B.A. from San Francisco State

Beat: Latino issues in Fresno and the region

This journalist takes a deep dive into issues involving the Latino community in Fresno and the region. The Reporter will create journalism primarily in Spanish that will appear in Vida en el Valle and in English in The Fresno Bee. There are a multitude of issues to examine that are largely uncovered today. Access to early education, health & wellness, economic mobility and immigration are foundational issues.