Lau Guzman


Reporter Profile

Lau Guzmán is a multimedia reporter, Latino Communities Lab, at The Record-Journal in Meriden, Connecticut. A recent graduate of New York University, she got into journalism by joining the staff of NYU Local, the university’s blog, writing breaking news, movie reviews, and more. Her work has also appeared in other NYU publications—Confluence, Embodied, Washington Square News and The Gallatin Review. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Guzmán was a NYU Gallatin Global Fellow in Urban Practice, working on a bilingual zine that focused on themes of history, Latinidad and belonging.

Beat: Local Latino community

The photo/video journalist we’re seeking is a dedicated Lab position. The journalist would create highly engaging visual content that reflects the Latino experience in our community FOR our local Latino communities. In the months since we launched the Lab, our Latino readers say the content created by our team is having a positive impact. Immersive photo journalism and innovative multimedia content are keys to furthering our goal of serving Latino audiences across a range of channels taking into account the greater incidence of linguistic isolation among Latino residents and the lack of sources for local, fact-based journalism overall, particularly in Spanish.