Ellis Juhlin

Yellowstone Public Radio

Reporter Profile

Ellis Juhlin covers Montana government and the legislative session as the Statehouse reporter for Yellowstone Public Radio. Previously, Juhlin was a science reporter for Utah Public Radio. With a background in natural resources and wildlife management, Juhlin began her journalism career as a graduate student at Utah State University where she realized her passion for science communication and started working with Utah Public Radio to translate complex environmental issues for listeners across the state. She holds a master’s degree in ecology from Utah State University and a bachelor’s from the University of California, San Diego. An avid birder, Juhlin also loves to go hiking with her two rescue dogs.

Beat: Montana statehouse reporting

Montana’s legislature meets every odd year for 90 days; very rarely, legislators will reconvene for a special session to address budget issues. During the interim between sessions, legislators meet for committee hearings to develop potential bills and oversee studies that are used to support lawmaking in the next session. This corps member works with our team of reporters to bring daily, trend-style and analytical coverage during the session to air. This corps member lives in Helena, Montana’s capital, and has office space in the Capitol building. Outside of session, the corps member covers interim legislative impacts and state agency reporting, with the remaining time devoted to regional news.