Douglas Soule

Mountain State Spotlight

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Douglas Soule reports for The Mountain State Spotlight. His in-depth business and economic coverage promotes more extensive coverage of issues affecting the state. Soule has served as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Athenaeum, West Virginia University’s independent student newspaper, for two years. His byline has gone far and wide, including on the front page of The Washington Post and in PolitiFact. He participated in the 2019 Politico Journalism Institute. Born and raised in West Virginia, his hometown is Bridgeport, which is in the northern part of the state.

Beat: In-depth coverage of West Virginia's business and economy

In-depth coverage of West Virginia's business and economy to bring back more frequent enterprise coverage of vital issues facing our state. Part of our hope is that we can foster creation of a West Virginia nonprofit organization that would, among other things, grow the resources to continue the work of those corps members when their RFA stints are over.