Avery Martinez


Reporter Profile

Avery Martinez is the mental health reporter for KVIA-TV in the Borderland around El Paso, Texas. While currently working in TV, Martinez also has experience in print and radio. Previous roles have included interim editor and producer/anchor in different media. He cut his teeth in smaller family newspapers, before working for major syndicates and networks. He brings a community approach to reporting. Martinez has been a legal staff writer, immigration specialist, campaign correspondent and columnist—in addition to covering city, state and federal courts and legislatures. He was the first graduate of Fort Lewis College’s Journalism and Mass Media Studies program. Martinez has won awards and recognition for his coverage of election committees, immigrant legal representation and the future of law school exams.

Beat: Mental health in the Borderland

The Borderland was gripped by grief after the 2019 mass shooting at a Walmart that left 23 dead and 23 injured, in what prosecutors called a hate crime. Residents have been dealing with immense health, financial and emotional pressures since. Culturally, stigma and lack of education compound the problem in our majority-Hispanic population. ABC-7’s Mental Health reporter empowers residents by informing them of available resources, helping to demystify mental health issues and promote wellness.