Emily Capetillo

Emily Capetillo covers housing challenges in Denver, Colorado for KOA radio, a news, talk and sports station. A first-generation college graduate, she recently earned her degree at the University of North Texas. As a podcast intern at KERA, the NPR affiliate based in Dallas and serving North Texas, Capetillo wrote and narrated for “Consider This.” She is a native of South Texas, and got her start in journalism in college when she covered local news in Denton, Texas, including stories about affordable housing, decriminalization of marijuana, nonprofits and COVID-19. In her spare time, Capetillo enjoys cooking, taking care of her plants and journaling.

KOA Radio

KOA Radio, FM and AM, is a news, talk and sports station in Denver and along with the iHeartRadio app, this news organization prides itself on being Colorado's information station—Colorado's Morning News is its best-rated show. The mission is to be fair, fast and dependable when delivering news to the listening area, and its work has won Murrow and Marconi awards.