Neil Strebig

Neil Strebig is a chef-turned-journalist, reporting on local business for Lookout Santa Cruz, a website devoted to covering community news. A former reporter for the York Daily Record in York, Pennsylvania, Strebig focused primarily on food, business, and issues in the hospitality industry. He has written about breaking bread with Amish and refugee families, and restaurant workers' financial struggles and lack of healthcare. His in-depth reporting highlighted problems surrounding the state liquor license laws, and how the state's tourism and restaurant industry can recover after the pandemic. Strebig's work has appeared in USA Today and throughout its network, and earned him an award. He grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania, and was managing editor of The Northside Chronicle in Pittsburgh, which earned its first Golden Quill award from the region's Press Club during his tenure. Strebig holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Pittsburgh's Point Park University.

Lookout Santa Cruz

Lookout is an emerging network of, digital-only, mobile-first, editorially robust, intensely local media outlets offering community-centric news and resources. The company’s network of websites will serve small to mid-sized markets, repopulating news and advertising desserts with modern, vibrant news products. Lookout Santa Cruz, the company’s first site, launched in November 2020. Its parent, Lookout Local Inc., is a public benefit corporation whose fundamental mission is to serve its communities with a new and higher standard of news, information and community engagement.