Keeping the faith: Report for America looks to strengthen communities by bolstering religion coverage

Religion plays a significant role in communities across the country, from shaping lawmakers’ approach to legislation to how people view themselves and their neighbors. Understanding these nuances as a journalist can be difficult, especially when many local newsrooms struggle to maintain dedicated coverage of any beat, let alone religion.

Report for America is building a coalition of partners to reverse this, thanks to philanthropic support from the Henry Luce Foundation and Radiant Foundation, and through training and editorial guidance from the Religion News Association and Religion News Service.

“By partnering together, we are poised to double the size of our religion reporting corps in 2024, including both religion-exclusive and religion-related beats,” said Kim Kleman, executive director of Report for America. “This will allow newsrooms to do deep reporting on stories where faith meets gender, education, politics and democracy itself.”

Report for America is now accepting applications from news organizations interested in partnering to host emerging and experienced journalists in their newsrooms for up to three years, beginning next summer.

“The efforts of journalists and other media makers are essential to advancing knowledge of religion’s complex and contested place in American public life, and to strengthening public understanding of the great diversity of religion in the United States and beyond,” said Jonathan VanAntwerpen, program director for religion and theology at the Henry Luce Foundation. “We are grateful for this opportunity to support Report for America’s innovative work, through funding that will help expand the size of its religion reporting corps and meaningfully connect reporters with scholars, faith leaders, and other public knowledge makers.”

“Radiant Foundation’s Faith & Media Initiative is honored to partner with Report for America and support local newsrooms with a program that equips journalists with the confidence, knowledge, and tools to enrich their storytelling – ensuring religion and faith are portrayed in an accurate, substantive way,” added Brooke Zaugg, Radiant Foundation’s executive director.

Beyond funding salaries and training for journalists in the program, the collaboration will support local events across the United States over the next year featuring reporters, editors, faith leaders, scholars, and other interested parties.

“We have an amazing opportunity here to not only create a more-informed public but to bridge divides between the media and undercovered communities,” said Earl Johnson, vice president of recruitment and alumni engagement at Report for America. “By working together we build a stronger country for all.”

Newsroom leaders interested in applying can go here. To learn more about hosting a Report for America corps member to cover religion, visit or send an email to:

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